Solar Energy for a Commercial Property

Centreco offer the ultimate solar energy package for businesses in the U.K.


The benefits of solar energy can be accessed by most property owners in the United Kingdom. However most advantage can be gained in the business sector, as property roofs tend to be larger and therefore the energy generated is higher; businesses generally use more electricity and therefore the energy savings are greater.

Centreco exclusively focus on the business market providing both the solar system and access to financing solutions that maximise the commercial benefits for our clients.

With options including access to solar investment, acquisition and leasing schemes offering efficient capital structures, further incentives and tax advice available through Centreco we are specialists within the business sector. We will work alongside our client’s financial management to ensure maximum commercial benefits are delivered from our systems.

The systems we recommend are generally roof mounted, however some ground mounted systems can apply in certain scenarios. Roof mounted systems do not require planning consent.

This means that if you are an owner or a long leaseholder of a factory, warehouse, industrial premises, manufacturing premises, farms, offices, retail units, leisure units or trading units you can benefit from the Centreco proposition.

If you want Centreco to undertake a no cost appraisal of the suitability of your site for a solar system contact us on 01257 208943, e-mail us at or use our contact form.

Solar Panels for Business