Solar Power for Commercial Landlords

Centreco have developed a dedicated package for commercial landlords.

Centreco have developed a dedicated package for commercial landlords – owners of tenanted commercial properties can take extra advantage of solar systems and offer their tenants efficient electricity supply and competitive rates.


By installing a solar system a landlord gets the benefits of the government backed feed in tariff, the electricity exported to the grid and has the facility to charge tenants for the electricity used and generated by the system.

This income offers a very attractive return on capital opportunity for commercial landlords and when coupled with a Centreco structured finance package can mean these returns are accessible with no or limited cash outlay.


With the increased value a solar system can add to a property coupled with the above income, the environmental advantages and the added value service being provided to tenants, solar systems are particularly beneficial to the landlord market.


Centreco have developed a bespoke package which allows landlords to access these benefits. We will audit, design and structure a solar system, manage the build and installation to deliver a tier one working system for the property owner. We will advise of the electricity supply agreements to tenants and will recommend billing rates and the billing process as necessary.


In addition Centreco will set up a monitoring system allowing landlords to both monitor the efficiency of the system and importantly establish the level of usage of the solar generated electricity by their tenants.

Centreco can provide this detail to landlords allowing the invoicing of this usage at the agreed rate to the tenant. In addition Centreco can provide a billing service on behalf of the landlord.

Centreco provide a fully integrated solar energy service to landlords. The financial opportunities for landlords from a solar installation are first-class and the benefits can be accessed easily with Centreco’s support.

If you want Centreco to help in getting the most from a solar installation for you as a commercial landlord Contact us on 01257 208943, e-mail us at or use our contact form.