Centreco offer the most complete solar package for UK Commercial property owners.

Our Services

Centreco have many years of experience in the solar market. We offer a consultative approach and will engage with a business in order to maximise the advantages of accessing solar energy from their site, working side by side at every step of the process.


Centreco will carry out an energy review, followed by the outline design and a presentation of the system economics. We will undertake network acceptance for our client’s proposed system and we will undertake the necessary structural and energy surveys required. We will prepare a final design and financial proposal based on the feedback from these findings. Our aim is to provide our client with premium returns.


Centreco will propose the most efficient funding structures for the purchase of the proposed solar system – this can take the form of various lease to own structures, access to specialist eco funds and straight forward capital asset purchase schemes, with the alternative of cash purchase always available if a client wishes to.

In any instance, Centreco will provide a final financial plan for the system and its operation structured on a bespoke basis to suit each client.


Centreco will complete the installation and will ensure the administration of the systems installation to gain the necessary acceptances onto the national grid and deliver both the tariff and network benefits accordingly.


Once agreed Centreco will facilitate the build and installation of the system delivered through its own in house resources. We will use only tier one equipment backed by exceptional performance and manufacture warranties.


Centreco can offer a service package which monitors the systems performance post installation, allowing maximum efficiency and action to be rectified in case of system damage or in the unlikely event malfunction.


Centreco can provide full system analytics for client peace of mind and can offer a usage and administration service where commercial landlords are billing their tenants for energy used from their system.

Centreco will bring a system through to the initial site design and financial modelling at no cost to a commercial property owner. Our initial consultation phase is free and there is no obligation to install a system until a client has the certainty that the system will be accepted into the grid as specified and that all surveys and energy checks have been conducted positively.

Centreco offers an all-inclusive service which harnesses the full benefits of solar energy for your business – contact us on 01257 208943, e-mail us at or use our contact form to arrange an introductory discussion.