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Centreco will deliver a fully commissioned, approved and warranted system for a client.

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Centreco will model a system for a client based on the specific conditions applicable to a site’s orientation, climate and daylight patterns based on 20-year average data analysis for that precise location.

The model will specify the forecast energy outputs based on industry performance criteria and the power conversion performance of the most efficient tier one solar panels and invertor equipment.

This analysis will show the electricity saving; the network returns and the benefits of the feed in tariff, modelled against the cost of the system both as a capital purchase and against a client specific funding structure which optimises cash flow and maximises returns.

From Centreco’s experience it is more likely that a working system will exceed the forecast model and returns will be better as a result, a client can take comfort from the background work done by Centreco in every system design and power modelling and in practice can rely on the equipment performance warranties and Centreco’s workmanship guarantees.


A typical solar system will operate for well in excess of thirty-years, performance guarantees stay in place for twenty-five years and the feed-in-tariff is underwritten by the U.K. government for twenty years.


A solar photovoltaic system represents a shrewd long term business investment, it offers immediate benefits and the funding structures available mean a system is accessible to virtually every commercial property owner in the United Kingdom.

Centreco will take responsibility for navigating a client through to maximising the benefits of a solar system and will deliver a fully commissioned, approved and warranted system for a client. Centreco will handle the full process and can provide the necessary monitoring and reporting on a systems performance to ensure full peace of mind for a client through the life of the system.

Centreco offers an all-inclusive service which harnesses the full benefits of solar energy for your business – contact us on 01257 208943, e-mail us at enquiries@centreco.co.uk or use our contact form to arrange an introductory discussion.