Solar Energy

A solar photo-voltaic system offers a very attractive pay-back and a long term income stream for a business.

Solar Energy


Modern solar systems convert day light into energy.

A solar photo voltaic system - Solar System or Solar PV System – will use a series of solar modules – panels – which utilise specialist technology to convert photons from day light into electricity in direct current – DC form.

An inverter will convert this direct current into an alternating current – AC form, for use in the building.

A misplaced pre-conception is that a solar system requires extensive sun-shine to work efficiently and their use is confined to Southern European or across other hot international climates. This is not the case, today’s systems work extremely effectively in the climate of north-western Europe, they are designed to maximise output from the U.K. day light patterns and U.K. climactic conditions.

Electricity generated by the system will always be used in preference to a site’s standard electricity supply and any solar generated electricity not used by a client will be returned to the grid via the network supply cable.

As a result a solar system will supply no-cost electricity to a site, will generate return from energy returned to the grid and such is the positive environmental impact of solar energy a client will additionally enjoy a further U.K. government backed concession – the feed in tariff – over a twenty year period.

The combination of these elements means that the return on investment in a solar photo voltaic system offers a very attractive pay-back and a long term income stream for a business.

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